What If the New Majority is Not Silent but Loud?

Mr. Trump´s campaign storytelling strategy could be missing a critical demographic shift.

The ‘Silent Majority” is one of Trump’s storytelling pillars

The Silent Majority is not Trump’s invention, but an old trope in politics.

Credit: AmericanExperiencePBS

The connection of the “Silent Majority” with the “Spiral of Silence”

Nixon won because U.S. demographic reality supported the “Silent Majority” strategy. Can Trump rely on this strategy again?

Credit: Pew Research Center
Credit: Dudley L. Poston, Jr., The Conversation

Therefore, the “vocal minority” is not so small.

Credit: Pew Research Center

But Mr. Trump might still use a compelling narrative with minorities: the economy.

Communication Strategy Consultant, Author, and Storytelling Teacher at Domestika.com. More at antonionunez.com

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