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Antonio Nunez
Communication Strategy Consultant, Author, and Storytelling Teacher at More at

The 2020 Elections ended the era in which you could afford to leave the Latinx market on the table.

Photo by Jennifer Griffin on Unsplash

Mr. Trump´s campaign storytelling strategy could be missing a critical demographic shift.

Credit: Gage Skidmore

The ‘Silent Majority” is one of Trump’s storytelling pillars

Craft your own rituals to accelerate the change you dream of

Digital Booklet published by Steller

Short Story and Photo Essay Featured by @StellerStories

The new Contagious Index helps but contagiousness should not be the top priority when crafting your ad campaign

Picture by PhotographyMontreal

How Contagiousness became contagious

Finding a personal story can be more relevant for your research than an insight

“What´s happened to the man I married? (Tyne and Wear Archive and Museum)

Telling your brand story in a smartphone

Image by Florida Memory

New positive male role models are emerging
in pop culture

George Clooney in the Esquire nº 1000 magazine. Picture by Sam Jones, 2004.

The more intrusive and harassing advertising becomes, the more people turn to ad blocking

“Reef Gold Miners” picture by The State Library of New South Wales

Antonio Nunez

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